Your music,
your way

You put your heart and soul into your music. We put ours into bringing it to life. The Reverie provides musicians a comfortable and professional recording experience, ideal for nurturing the creative spirit.

Song Writing
Audio Recording

From conception to completion, we’re here to help you with any or all aspects of your recording journey. We provide song writing, music production, audio recording, mixing services and professional instrumentalists where projects require.

This process is about you, your music and how you want it to be heard. We’re here to make sure your recordings capture the true essence of who you are as an artist, along with the optimal sonic quality that your projects deserve.

Whether you walk into our studio as a solo artist with an idea in it’s infancy; are a full piece band in need of an EP/ album/ live off the floor recording; or you’re a musician who already has a fully pre-recorded song in need of a mix, we are ready to work together with you towards your goal.

We recognize and respect that every musician and recording project is unique in it’s own way, therefore, we offer hourly, daily and per song rates to accommodate the needs and budget of each artist.

We’d love to discuss the vision you have for your music project and provide you with a quote for how to bring it to life.

Give us a call…. let’s talk music.